Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Kids Are Still Playing Soccer

When we last left our kids, they were busy blasting the ball into their own net and more interested in self-preservation than stopping the opposition. Happy to report on both fronts incremental progress has been made.

  • The boy still put one in his own net each of the last two weeks, but he also put three in the opposition's net two weeks ago and one last week. So he's a +2 if you apply hockey's plus/minus system specifically to goals off of his feet. He also managed to position himself well enough to scatter some fans with a vicious kick directly out of bounds. But on a brighter note, he had plenty of opportunities for more wide open own goals and mentioned to slow himself down, turn around, and kick the ball the right direction, much to the relief of his dad.

  • Two weeks ago the girl actually tried once to (however apologetically) take the ball from an opposition player. The result was a total stalemate with the ball rolling harmlessly out of bounds, and Dad could not have been prouder. The beautiful part of her game is how much fun she has, and the mile-wide smile she constantly wears as she tries to learn something new, without regard to whether she's meeting anyone's standards or approval. I just hope she doesn't get trucked into a mud puddle; it could be a traumatic, career-ending experience.

  • The third member of our crew learned how to say, "I want apple juice," even when referring to orange juice, chocolate milk, hard liquor, or any beverage. Anything that comes in a sippy cup is apple juice.

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