Monday, January 19, 2015

Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

Forget my pointless, meandering's some stuff worth reading when the mood strikes:

Sarah Hartley starts it off with a few fine posts, including a post that my wife and I wholeheartedly agree with concerning the benefits of putting your child in Day Care:

and one with a little self-doubt (been there)

plus one about spit-up (a girl after my own heart)

Special for the folks in Michigan: 7 people this Michigander (David Stanley) can't stand in winter.

Lorne Jaffe has a daughter with a fear of owls Here's how he's dealing with that conundrum:

Plus, the difference between MILFs and DILFs from Dave Lesser...

And finally, shameless! One by me on Sarah's site on the inexplicable phenomenon called Preferred Parent Status:

Enjoy, there will be quiz at the end of the week.

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