Friday, April 26, 2013

4 Things This Blog Isn’t

  1. This is not a sports blog. Although there will be many sports references, and a number of posts may center on the kids’ sporting activities, this is not a sports blog. So if in a future post I overstate Derek Jeter’s career batting average by .0001 when unfairly comparing him to my sons, please don’t bother to leave a comment. Do that on a sports blog.
  2. This is not a soccer blog. I don’t know anything about soccer. I’ll learn some things about my kids, myself, and the game of soccer along the way, but when I misspell Ronaldo while describing my daughter launching a corner kick out of bounds, please don’t bite my head off. (Seriously, a corner kick out of bounds? You have a hemisphere in front of you.) Even the great Ronaldo never did that. Is that how you spell his name?
  3. This is not a political blog. If I hear another comment about gun rights or gun control, I’ll shoot myself in the face.
  4. This is not a place where one-word sentences tend to hang out in trios. Will. Not. Happen.

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